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CHL No. 1005 Santa Rosa Rancho - Riverside


NO. 1005 SANTA ROSA RANCHO - Located on the Santa Rosa Plateau Preserve, the historical site of the Santa Rosa Rancho is a prime example of various historical phases of cattle ranching in Southern California. Archeological evidence gathered from the site indicates that various bands of Luiseño Indians established village and religious sites on the land. No other historic rancho site in Southern California retains so much of its original setting undisturbed.


22115 Tenaja Rd, intersection Clinton Keith Rd and Tenaja Rd, Murieta
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From the trailhead, it is a 2.2 hike to the adobes. There are shaded picnic tables and a restroom at the site.

NO. 1005 SANTA ROSA RANCHO - Trailhead