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CHL No. 142 Studebaker's Shop Site - El Dorado


NO. 142 STUDEBAKER'S SHOP (SITE OF) - This shop was built in the early 1850s. The front part housed a blacksmith shop operated by Ollis and Hinds, and John Mohler Studebaker rented a part of the rear. Here he had a bench and sort of woodworking shop where he repaired and worked on wagon wheels and the like. A little later he began to make wheelbarrows for the miners' use. He became engaged in the making of ammunition wagons for the Union Army - from that grew his extensive wagon and carriage business and, eventually, the automobile business.


543 Main St, Placerville
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The picture below shows that the private plaque is located in front of 541 Main Street, Placerville.

CHL No. 142 Studebaker's Shop Site