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CHL No. 16 Infernal Caverns Battleground - Modoc


NO. 16 INFERNAL CAVERNS BATTLEGROUND, 1867 - This is the site of the battle between U.S. troops and Shoshone, Paiute, and Pit Indians on September 26 and 27, 1867. The Indians took refuge in a series of caverns located at the top of a rocky slope. Over a third of the command was killed or wounded in the battle, six soldiers were buried at the foot of the slope.


Ferry Ranch on Co Rd 60, site is 1 mi SW of Ranch, 6.5 mi NW of Likely ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Park at the LOCKED GATES on Rte: 60 (Westside Rd): 41°16'21.4"N 120°34'38.2"W ----------- 2) Hike south 3/4 Mile on Rte60 (Westside Road) ---------------------- 3) After crossing a small wood plank bridge, look for a wooden fence with a green metal gate. Turn West toward the gate. --------- 4. The headstones are about 600 ft west of the gate. --------------- SEE 2 MAPS IN THE PICTURES BELOW.
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In 2015, Using geo coordinates, we zigged and zagged through fields until we found the spot. We got close, but not all the way to the headstones. ------------------------ Upon our return in 2017, we took a different route. Eureka! We found them!


The Locked Gate on Road 60 has a sign with the following telephone numbers to call to get access to the property (209) 480-8291 or (208) 740-9309.-------- We tried these numbers several times, but our calls were not returned. We ended up getting permission from the owner of the house next to the gate.

NO. 16 INFERNAL CAVERNS BATTLEGROUND - This is the fence and gate you are looking for.