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CHL No. 182 Tumco Mines - Imperial


NO. 182 TUMCO MINES - Pete Walters of Ogilby discovered the first gold vein at Gold Rock on January 6, 1884. From his Little Mary Claim began a gold camp which reached its peak development between 1893 and 1899 as Hedges, with 3,200 residents. Nearly closed, 1900-10, it was reopened as Tumco, 1910-13, and worked intermittently until 1941. Tumco has long been a California ghost town.


STATE PLAQUE: Parking lot of Gold Rock Ranch RV Resort (2401 Gold Rock Rd, Winterhaven, CA 92283). ---------------------------- SITE: Trailhead on Gold Rock Ranch Rd, just east of S34 (Ogilby Road). Trail is about 1.0 mi to remains of townsite. SEE MAP IN THE PICTURES BELOW.
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STATE PLAQUE: 32°52'54.5"N 114°51'44.0"W --------------------------------- MINE SITE: 32°52'42.4"N 114°48'57.0"W

NO. 182 TUMCO MINES - Marker located in Gold Rock Ranch RV Park