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CHL No. 185 Serrano Boulder - Riverside


NO. 185 SERRANO BOULDER - As early as 1818, Don Leandro Serrano had cattle, sheep, cultivated land, and orchards in Temescal Valley. The boulder placed by residents of Temescal Valley marks the site of the first house in Riverside County, erected by Leandro Serrano about May 1824.


From I-15, take Old Temescal Canyon Road South 0.4 Miles to Lawson Road. Then go West 0.2 Miles to a dirt trail that is bordered with a white fence. Park by the white fence. Walk South on the dirt trail for 0.1 Miles to site. (9 Miles South of Corona)
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As you walk down the trail, you will see in the distance that one tree juts out a little past the others. This is the tree that shelters the boulder. When you get to the site, move the tree branches aside and go toward the center. The boulder is under the tree.


Leandro Serrano was mayordomo of San Antonio de Pala Asistencia for the Mission of San Luis Rey. Don Leandro Serrano is also the son of Don Jose Serrano.