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CHL No. 187 Carved Rock - Riverside


NO. 187 CARVED ROCK - The petroglyphs were carved by the Luiseño Indians, their meaning is said to be: 'A chief died here. These are his plumes, his portrait, his sign, and the animals sacred to him.' The Luiseño Indians who lived in Temescal Valley belonged to the Shoshoean linguistic group. The rock has been damaged by vandals.


In canyon, 0.4 Miles North of I-15 (P.M. 32.5), 8 Miles South of Corona
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The location in the State Guidebook is really VAGUE! We got directions from davidsquall351 at youtube. Because he is concerned about damage to Carved Rock, he asked that we not publish the directions. Try messaging him at Youtube. He is very kind.


At a certain point, it becomes more of a path than a road. There are many DEEP ruts, holes and drops in the road. You should probably have a high clearance vehicle or 4 wheel drive. Avoid this site if it has rained recently.

NO. 187 CARVED ROCK - Carvings