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CHL No. 288 Altaville - Calaveras


NO. 288 ALTAVILLE - The history of Altaville is closely identified with that of Angels Camp. Altaville has been the foundry town of Calaveras County since D. D. Demerest established a foundry there in 1854. Most of the stamp mills and a large part of the mining machinery erected in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties were built at the Altaville Foundry. A brick schoolhouse was built at Altaville in 1858 and the townsite was established in 1873.


SR 49 at Murphy's Grade Rd. (Main Street and Mrphy's Grade Road, Angels Camp.
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Approximate address: 277 S Main St, Angels Camp, CA 95222. It is down in the parking lot at Southwest corner where SR 49 (Main Street) and Murphy's Grade Rd. intersect.

NO. 288 ALTAVILLE - Street Sign