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CHL No. 365 Lockeford (Locke's Ford) - San Joaquin


NO. 365 LOCKEFORD (LOCKE'S FORD) - It was on this hill that Dr. Dean Jewett Locke and his brother Elmer H. Locke built the first cabin on this section in 1851. Disturbed by grizzly bears, they spent their first nights in the oak trees. Dr. Locke, physician for the Boston and Newton Joint Stock Company, left Boston on April 16, 1849 to cross the plains and arrive at Sacramento on September 16, 1849. Because he built and maintained a ford across the Mokelumne River, his wife, Delia Hammond Locke, in 1859 named the town he laid out on his ranch Lockeford.


Elliott Road 0.6 Miles North of Lockeford
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The marker is just NE of 20202 Elliot Road, Lockeford, California

NO. 365 LOCKEFORD (LOCKE'S FORD) State Street Sign