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CHL No. 368 Hugo Reid - Baldwin Adobe - Los Angeles


NO. 368 REID-BALDWIN ADOBE - Reid, a Scotsman, petitioned the government of Mexico to grant him Rancho Santa Anita. His claim strengthened by his marriage to Victoria, a native Indian of the San Gabriel Mission, he received the grant on April 16, 1841. Immediately upon filing his petition, Reid took possession of the land, started to farm and plant vineyards, and built the first house-the Hugo Reid Adobe-in 1839. In 1875, E. J. Baldwin purchased the rancho and in 1879 added a wooden wing to the old adobe.


Los Angeles State and County Arboretum, 301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia
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OHP Update: This update of California Historical Landmark documents Lucky Baldwin’s long and direct association with the historic adobe and incorporates more current historic research and writing standards for the historic property. By conforming to existing criteria California Historical Landmark # 368 will meet the requirements of Public Resources Code 5031 and California Code of Regulations 4851.


Although there is a private plaque, it is not on display during the reconstruction.

NO. 368 REID-BALDWIN ADOBE - Undergoing renovations