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CHL No. 392.1 Haraszthy Villa Site - Sonoma


NO. 392-1 SITE OF HARASZTHY VILLA - Here Count Agoston Haraszthy, 'Father of California Viticulture,' built an imposing villa in 1857-58, as his home. California's first formal Vintage Celebration, a masked ball, was held at this site on October 23, 1864. General and Mrs. Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo were guests of honor. While living here, Haraszthy oversaw operations of the Winery and Buena Vista Vinicultural Society.


1695 Castle Road, Sonoma, CA
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Agoston Haraszthy’s original Villa was destroyed, and in 1987, at the end of her life, Antonia Bartholomew, rebuilt the Villa to preserve physically the fascinating early era and way of life.

NO. 392-1 SITE OF HARASZTHY VILLA - Front steps