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CHL No. 411 Campo Stone Store - San Diego


NO. 411 CAMPO STONE STORE - The pioneer Gaskill brothers of 1868 built a frame store which was raided on December 4, 1875 by border bandits. This fort-like replacement of summer 1855 was bought in 1896 by E. T. Aiken, resold to Klauber Wangenheim, 1889, and operated by Henry Marcus Johnson as the Mountain Commercial Company until 1925. In disrepair, it was bought after 1938 by E. M. Statler, given to San Diego County, and restored, 1943-48, as a museum.


31130 State Highway 94 Campo, CA 92006
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Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ~~~~~~~~~ Open during the week by appointment only

NO. 411 CAMPO STONE STORE - Private Plaque