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CHL No. 438 Parrott's Ferry - Tuolumne


NO. 438 PARROTT'S FERRY - This is the site of the ferry crossing established in 1860 by Thomas H. Parrott that connected the mining towns of Tuttletown and Vallecito. The ferry was in operation until 1903, when the first bridge was built. The ferryboat, of flatbottom wooden construction, was propelled on heavy cables anchored in a large boulder. Still visible (1949) at low water on the Calaveras side of the river is the sandbag dam built to form a small lake that stored enough water to float the ferries in dry periods.


Vista area on the north side of Parrotts Ferry Bridge, Stanislaus River Parrott's Ferry Rd, 5 mi NW of Columbia
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NO. 438 PARROTT'S FERRY - Marker