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CHL No. 68 El Campo Santo - San Diego


NO. 68 El CAMPO SANTO - El Campo Santo once included the adobe chapel on Conde Street, in which were buried José Antonio Aguirre, María Victoria Domínguez Estudillo and Cave Johnson Couts, distinguished early San Diegans. Between 1849 and 1897, 477 persons were buried in these grounds. Antonio Garra was the most eminent of many Native Americans interred here. A number of graves were relocated after 1874. A street railway bisected the cemetery in 1894. The wall around this portion was built in 1933. Restoration has continued to the present (1994).


On San Diego Ave between Arista and Conde Sts, San Diego,
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State Plaque on display at entrance to cemetery,

CHL #68 - El Campo Santo State Plaque