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CHL No. 929 Thompson Seedless Grape Site - Sutter


NO. 929 SITE OF PROPAGATION OF THE THOMPSON SEEDLESS GRAPE - William Thompson, an Englishman, and his family settled here in 1863. In 1872 he sent to New York for three cuttings called Lady de Coverly of which only one survived. The grape, first publicly displayed in Marysville in 1875, became known as Thompson's seedless grape. Today, thousands of acres have been planted in California for the production of raisins, bulk wine, and table grapes.


9001 Colusa Hwy, State Hwy 20 (P.M. 7.7), 8 mi W of Yuba City (North side of Colusa Hwy, just west of Wincoop oad)
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CHL No. 929 Thompson Seedless Grape Site State Street Sign