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CHL No. 934.04 Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Pomona Assembly Center - Los Angeles


NO. 934 TEMPORARY DETENTION CAMPS FOR JAPANESE AMERICANS-SANTA ANITA ASSEMBLY CENTER AND POMONA ASSEMBLY CENTER - The temporary detention camps (also known as 'assembly centers') represent the first phase of the mass incarceration of 97,785 Californians of Japanese ancestry during World War II. Pursuant to Executive Order 9066 signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, thirteen makeshift detention facilities were constructed at various California racetracks, fairgrounds, and labor camps. These facilities were intended to confine Japanese Americans until more permanent concentration camps, such as those at Manzanar and Tule Lake in California, could be built in isolated areas of the country. Beginning on March 30, 1942, all native-born Americans and long-time legal residents of Japanese ancestry living in California were ordered to surrender themselves for detention.


Plaque is located on the grass at a drop off area north of the intersection of Canyon Way and West McKinley Avenue. ----- (Approximately: 1099 West McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA)
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Originally visited in September 2014. Revisited in 2017 to get a picture of the plaque. ------------- Thank you Matt Klink and Tike Narry for telling us where the plaque is!

CHL #934.05 - Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Pomona Assembly Center