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CHL No. 118 Jackson Gate - Amador


NO. 118 JACKSON GATE - Jackson Gate, on the north fork of Jackson Creek, takes its name from a fissure in a reef of rock that crosses the creek. In 1850 about 500 miners worked here and the first mining ditch in the county was dug here - its water sold for $1 per inch.


1235 Jackson Gate Road / On N Main St, 1.3 mi NE of Jackson
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We met Joe, who is the owner of the property behind 1235 Jackson Gate Road. The property has been in the Chichizola Family for generations. In fact, his grandmother fed and housed miners from the Argonaut and Kennedy mines. Joe directed us to the fissure in the rock through which the miners walked.


The fissure is back behind "Teresa's Place" and Amador Meat". The owner asks that you close the gate so the cows don't get loose.

NO. 118 JACKSON GATE - The road through Jackson Gate