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CHL No. 180 Plaza Hotel - San Benito


NO. 180 PLAZA HOTEL - In 1858 Angelo Zanetta added a second story to a one-story adobe barracks built in 1813-14 for soldiers who represented the Spanish government and operated it as a hotel for many years. Because San Juan Bautista was one of the main stage stops between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Plaza Hotel became famous throughout California.


2nd and Mariposa Sts, San Juan Bautista
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OHP Update: Following use as a dormitory, barracks, then private residence, the original 1792 one-story adobe was expanded with a timber second story and turned into a hotel in the late 1850s. It became the headquarters for the overland stage, and a favorite stopping place for fiesta guests, traders, and travelers.

CHL #180 - Plaza Hotel