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1159Mar 2016Pico HouseOtherLos Angeles
2180Nov 2014Plaza HotelStateSan Benito
3197Oct 2015Buck's Lake Ranch Hotel and StoreOtherPlumas
4213Oct 2015Rabbit Creek Hotel MonumentOtherPlumas
5267Aug 2015Mitchler Hotel (Murphy's Hotel)StateCalaveras
6479Oct 2015American Ranch and Hotel SiteNonePlumas
7480Oct 2015Plumas House SiteNonePlumas
8491Feb 2015Exchange HotelNoneSan Diego
9496Apr 2014Swiss HotelStateSonoma
10575Jul 2014SloughhouseStateSacramento
11597Apr 2014What Cheer HouseNoneSacramento
12601Mar 2015Western HotelNoneSacramento
13602Apr 2014Ebner's HotelNoneSacramento
14608Mar 2015Orleans Hotel SiteNoneSacramento
15627May 2014Union Hotel and Union Hall SiteStateSonoma
16650Sep 2015What Cheer House SiteStateSan Francisco
17656Mar 2016Bella Union Hotel siteStateLos Angeles
18658Jan 2015Western Hotel StateLos Angeles
19663Aug 2015COURTHOUSE OF CALAVERAS COUNTY and the Leger HotelStateCalaveras
20734Aug 2015Angels HotelStateCalaveras
21761Aug 2015Mission InnStateRiverside
22844Apr 2016Hotel Del CoronadoStateSan Diego
23892Jul 2014Harvey HouseStateSan Bernadino
24899Jul 2015National Exchange HotelStateNevada
25914Jul 2015Holbrooke HotelStateNevada