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CHL No. 443 Valley Wells - Inyo


NO. 443 VALLEY WELLS - In this area, several groups of midwestern emigrants who had escaped from hazards and privations in Death Valley in 1849 sought to secure water from Searles Lake. They turned northward and westward in despair when they discovered its salty nature, and with great difficulty crossed the Argus and other mountains to reach settlements of Central and Southern California.


Northeast corner of Trona Wildrose Road at Valley Wells Road; 5.5 Miles Northeast of Trona
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John & Dennis Seales' Wagon Route Plaque: 1873-1895 This monument commemorates two wagon routes used by the Searles Brothers to haul Borax from their plant on Borax Lake (now Searles Lake) to the railhead at Mojave. The souther route traveled west of the Trona Pinnacles to Searles freight STation at Garden City, this is the present route of the Trona Railway which connects with the Union Pacific at Seales Station, Garden City was a virtual Oasis, providing food and shelter for the teamster and a barn to accommodating 100 mules. The Western route went through Salt Wells Canyon (Poison Canyon) to a dry station one mile from the head of the canyon and on to Garden City where both routes joined, it then continued through Garlock and connected with the road to Mojave.


Watch out for wild burros that are descendants of those used during the mining days.

NO. 443 VALLEY WELLS - State Marker