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CHL No. 444 Bennett-Arcane Long Camp - Inyo


NO. 444 BENNETT-ARCANE LONG CAMP - Near this spot the Bennett-Arcane contingent of the Death Valley '49ers, emigrants from the Middle West seeking a shortcut to California gold fields, were stranded for a month and almost perished from starvation. William Lewis Manley and John Rogers, young members of the party, made a heroic journey on foot to San Fernando and, returning with supplies, led the party to the safety of San Francisquito Rancho near Newhall.


Death Valley National Monument. From State Hwy 190 (P.M. 111.8) go south on Badwater Road. From Badwater Road turn west onto Westside road. Follow Westside Road for about 16 miles. Landmark will be on the east side of the road.
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Check for road closures in Death Valley before you head out.

CHL No. 444 Bennett-Arcane Long Camp - Westside "Road"