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CHL No. 535 Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow - Santa Barbara


NO. 535 CARPINTERIA AND INDIAN VILLAGE OF MISHOPSHNOW - The Chumash Indian village of Mishopshnow, discovered by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo on August 14, 1542, was located one-fourth mile southwest of the monument. Fray Juan Crespí of the Gaspar de Portolá Expedition named it San Roque on August 17, 1769. Portolá's soldiers, observing the Indians building wooden canoes, called the village La Carpinteria-the Carpenter's Shop.


Carpinteria Valley Museum of History, 950 Maple Ave, second plaque located at 1,000 S Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
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CHL #535 Carpinteria and Indian Village of Mishopshnow