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CHL No. 578 Stoddard-Waite Monument - San Bernadino


NO. 578 STODDARD-WAITE MONUMENT - This monument marks the western extension of the Santa Fe Trail traveled by Sheldon Stoddard and Sydney P. Waite in 1849.


Interstate-15 (Milepost 20.0) and Cleghorn Road; 16 Miles North of San Bernardino
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The I-15 and Cleghorn Road directions were not at all helpfull. Try using the marked map below. We took the dotted red line short cut, BUT watch out because "someone" had placed large rocks in the road to discourage visitors. When we went, the monument was surrounded by cactus and barbed wire and lots of signs to scare off visitors.

Road to CHL #578 - Stoddard-Waite Monument (watch out for large rocks)