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CHL No. 634 El Vado (The Anza Trail) - San Diego


NO. 634 EL VADO - This route was opened by Captain Juan Bautista de Anza and Father Francisco Garcés in 1774. Anza's expedition of 1775, a group of 240 soldiers and settlers coming from Sonora to found San Francisco, encamped near El Vado (The Ford) for three days and two nights, December 20-22, 1775.


Horse Camp Road/Borrego Springs Rd
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When we were there in October 2016, you could not get to #785 Santa Catarina directly from #634 El Vado. We had to back track to Di Giorgio Road. We took it north until it turned to dirt, Then we followed the dirt trail til we got to Santa Catarina.

NO. 634 EL VADO (The Anza Trail) - State Marker