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CHL No. 646 Grave of George Caralambo - Los Angeles


NO. 646 GRAVE OF GEORGE CARALAMBO, (GREEK GEORGE) - This is the grave of 'Greek George,' a camel driver from Asia Minor who came to the United States with the second load of camels purchased by the War Department as an experiment to open a wagon road to Fort Tejón from Fort Defiance, New Mexico. Because of the Civil War, the experiment was abandoned. 'Greek George' became a naturalized citizen in 1867 under the name of George Allen. He built an adobe home on Santa Monica Boulevard.


Founders' Memorial Park, Broadway at Gregory Ave, Whittier (gravestone in storage, 1993)
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Originally visited in April 2016. Updated in April 2017 to include George Caralambo's tombstone. --------- The tombstone is located in the Civil War section of the Whittier Museum, 6755 Newlin Ave, Whittier, CA 90601. --------- Thank you, Bill Beaver!

NO. 646 GRAVE OF GEORGE CARALAMBO - Mt. Olive Cemetery