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CHL No. 799.3 Overland Emigrant Trail - Yuba - Yuba


NO. 799-3 OVERLAND EMIGRANT TRAIL - Over a hundred years ago, this trail resounded to creaking wheels of pioneer wagons and the cries of hardy travelers on their way to the gold fields. It is estimated that over thirty thousand people used this trail in 1849. About a mile and a quarter east of this site is Johnson's Crossing, the last stop on the Overland Emigrant Trail and first settlement west of the Sierra. It was used by pioneers, miners, trappers, herdsmen, and adventurers, rescuers of the Donner Party assembled here to begin their mission on February 5, 1847.


On Spencerville Rd, 3.9 mi E of State Hwy 65, Wheatland
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CHL No. 799.3 Overland Emigrant Trail - Yuba, Marker