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CHL No. 80 Montgomery Block Site - San Francisco


NO. 80 MONTGOMERY BLOCK - This is the site of San Francisco's first fireproof building, erected in 1853 by Henry Wager Halleck. It was the headquarters for many outstanding lawyers, financiers, writers, actors, and artists. James King of William, editor of the Bulletin, died here on May 14, 1856 after being shot by James Casey. This building escaped destruction in the fire of 1906.


600 Montgomery St, San Francisco
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The State Plaque is in the lobby of the TransAm Building. Just behind the TransAmerican Building, you will find "TransAmerica Redwood Park. The redwoods are a nod to the Montgomery Block which has a redwood foundation.

NO. 80 MONTGOMERY BLOCK - This man saved The Block from from being destroyed in 1906