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CHL No. 848 Eichbaum Toll Road - Inyo


NO. 848 EICHBAUM TOLL ROAD - In 1926, H. W. Eichbaum obtained a franchise for a toll road from Darwin Falls to Stovepipe Wells, the first maintained road into Death Valley from the west. It changed the area's economic base from mining to tourism and brought about the creation of Death Valley National Monument seven years later.


State Route 190 in Stovepipe Wells Village (At the edge of the southwest parking lot)
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Although Mosaic Canyon is not a California Historic Landmark, it is well worth the visit to se this canyon with marble walls. Mosaic Canyon Road is only 0.1 mi south west of the Eichbaum landmark. The canyon is 2.3 miles south on Mosaic Canyon Road.

NO. 848 EICHBAUM TOLL ROAD - State Marker