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CHL No. 951 East Brother Light Station - Contra Costa


NO. 951 LIGHT STATIONS OF CALIFORNIA (THEMATIC), EAST BROTHER LIGHT STATION - East Brother is the oldest wood-frame lighthouse on the West Coast stilll fully operational and still in its historic configuration with functioning equipment. It was one of a group of twelve lighthouses similar but unique in design, built in California during the early 1870's. At the time it was built, it provided both a light and roof signal to guide boats ferrying mail, passengers, and freight between San Francisco and various island ports.


East Brother Lighthouse is located on an island in the strait that separates San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay, California, two miles north of Interstate 580's Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.
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You may spend the night in the Lighthouse Inn or you may visit just for the day. See Link below for Visitor Information.


Boat Departure Location: 1900 Stenmark Drive (former Western Drive), Richmond, CA ~~~~ GPS: 37.96427,-122.423812 (Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor)

CHL #951 East Brother Light Station Street Sign