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CHL No. 114.1 San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct - Ventura


NO. 114-1 SAN BUENAVENTURA MISSION AQUEDUCT - The aqueduct at Canada Larga Road is two surviving sections of viaduct about 100 feet long and made of cobble stone and mortar. Originally, the watercourse ran from a point on the Ventura River about 1/2 mile north of the remaining ruins and carried the water to holding tanks behind the San Buenaventura Mission, a total of about 7 miles. The aqueduct was built by Chumash Indians 1805-15 to meet the needs of the mission population and consisted of both ditches and elevated stone masonry. The entire water system was destroyed by floods and abandoned in 1862.


234 Canada Larga Rd, Ventura
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CHL #114.1 San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct