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CHL No. 61 Old La Playa - San Diego


No. 61 OLD LA PLAYA From 1770 to 1870, this was San Diego's port. Over the Brookline hide house, Americans unofficially raised a U.S. flag in 1829. At that time La Playa was a thriving trading and shipping village. Richard Henry Dana's account of the hide business in Two Years Before the Mast is based on his hide-droghing experience here in 1835-36. The U.S. Navy later acquired the site and operated a coaling station and a quarantine station here. It is now a Navy research center.


On left side of Rosecrans St, at entrance to Military Reserve, Point Loma, San Diego
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This landmark is located on a Naval Submarine Base so there is limited access. One opportunity to visit the landmark is during "The Annual Cabrillo Festival". This takes place in the fall. See the link below. ~~~~~~~Another way to get on the base is to attend "The Annual Battle of San Diego Bay Celebration" that takes place in the spring. ~~~~~~~~~ We entered the base as guests of a long time college friend who is "retired Navy".

CHL #61 - Old La Playa Guard Station