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CHL No. 62 Fort Rosecrans - San Diego


NO. 62 FORT ROSECRANS - President Millard Fillmore's executive order of 1852 created a U.S. Preserve on Point Loma. From 1870 to 1873 the coast artillery corpsmen evicted whalers from the site in order to begin the military installation. In 1899 it was named for William S. Rosecrans, Civil War general and California congressman. Major fortifications were constructed in 1891-1903 and 1941-1943. Transferred to the U.S. Navy in 1957, it became a submarine support facility.


Base of Ballast Point, S end of Rosecrans St, where historic markers are on a half circle, U.S. Naval Submarine Base, San Diego
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This landmark is located on a Naval Submarine Base so there is limited access. One opportunity to visit the landmark is during "The Annual Cabrillo Festival". This takes place in the fall. See the link below. ~~~~~~~Another way to get on the base is to attend "The Annual Battle of San Diego Bay Celebration" that takes place in the spring. ~~~~~~~~~ We entered the base as guests of a long time college friend who is "retired Navy".

NO. 62 FORT ROSECRANS - State Marker