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CHL No. 110 Canby's Cross - Siskiyou


NO. 110 CANBY'S CROSS-1873 - General E. R. S. Canby was murdered here in April 1873 while holding a peace parley with Captain Jack and Indian chiefs under a flag of truce. Eleazer Thomas, peace commissioner, was likewise slain.


In Lava Beds National Monument, about 0.5 mi E of park's N entrance, 8.3 mi S of Tule Lake
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There are TWO markers for this site (and there are TWO for Captain Jack's Stronghold.) The FIRST Set of Markers is on the Northeast side of Hwy 139 (41.8782166666667, -121.363044444444). The Second Set of Markers is on the Southwest side of Hwy 139 (41.8796972222222, -121.365744444444).

NO. 110 CANBY'S CROSS- Park Sign