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1137Apr 2015Gordon's FerryStateKern
2188May 2016Butterfield Stage StationOtherRiverside
3304Oct 2016Vallecito Stage StationStateSan Diego
4311Jun 2016Warner's RanchStateSan Diego
5471Feb 2015Butterfield Stage RouteStateTulare
6473Feb 2015Tule River Stage StationStateTulare
7502Jun 2016Oak Grove Butterfield Stage StationStateSan Diego
8539Apr 2015Posey StationMissingKern
9540Jan 2015Sinks of the TejónStateKern
10588Jan 2015Kern River Slough StationOtherKern
11589Apr 2015Mountain House StationStateKern
12639Oct 2016Palm SpringsStateSan Diego
13647Oct 2016Butterfield Overland Mail RouteStateSan Diego
14648Feb 2015Fountain SpringsStateTulare
15656Mar 2016Bella Union Hotel siteStateLos Angeles
16688Nov 2015Lyons Station Stagecoach StopStateLos Angeles
17744Mar 2016Mirror BuildingOtherLos Angeles
18793Oct 2016San Felipe Valley and Stage StationStateSan Diego