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1153May 2014State Capitol in BeniciaStateSolano
2174May 2014Benicia Masonic LodgeOtherSolano
3175May 2014Protestant Church SiteOtherSolano
4176May 2014Benicia ArsenalOtherSolano
5177May 2014Benicia Barracks SiteMissingSolano
6534May 2014Peña AdobeStateSolano
7574May 2014State Capitol in VallejoOtherSolano
8751May 2014Mare Island Commemorative Plaque- First U.S. Naval Station in the PacificStateSolano
9779May 2014Rockville Stone ChapelStateSolano
10795May 2014Benicia Seminary SiteStateSolano
11804May 2014Wolfskill GrantStateSolano
12862May 2014Saint Paul's Episcopal ChurchStateSolano
13880May 2014Fischer-Hanlon HouseStateSolano
14973May 2014Turner/Robertson Shipyard SiteStateSolano