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#CHL #VisitedNamePlaquesCounty
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1430Oct 2015Fort BidwellMissingModoc
215Oct 2015Bonner GradeNoneModoc
38Oct 2015Bloody PointNoneModoc
46Oct 2015Frémont's CampNoneModoc
516May 2017Infernal Caverns BattlegroundNoneModoc
6108Oct 2015Battle of Land's RanchNoneModoc
7125May 2017Evans and Bailey FightOtherModoc
8109Oct 2015Chimney RockOtherModoc
9111Oct 2015Old Emigrant TrailOtherModoc
1014Oct 2015Cressler and Bonner Trading PostOtherModoc
11546Oct 2015Applegate-Lassen Emigrant TrailStateModoc
12850.2Oct 2015Tule Lake Relocation CenterStateModoc