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145Jul 2014Site of College of CaliforniaStateAlameda
2289Sep 2014First home of Pomona CollegeOtherLos Angeles
3417May 2015Normal School SiteStateSanta Clara
4489May 2015Moreland SchoolStateSanta Clara
5499Aug 2015Altaville Grammar SchoolStateCalaveras
6520May 2015San Joaquin Valley College SiteStateSan Joaquin
7536Mar 2016Original building of the University of Southern CaliforniaStateLos Angeles
8538Sep 2014First Publicly Owned School BuildingStateSan Diego
9567Mar 2016St. Vincent's Place (Court)StateLos Angeles
10587Sep 2015First Public School SiteOtherSan Francisco
11625Oct 2015Pioneer School HouseOtherPlumas
12630Jun 2015St. Vincent's School for BoysStateMarin
13676Jul 2014Site of Saint Mary's CollegeOtherAlameda
14729Jun 2016Old Maizeland SchoolStateOrange
15759Oct 2015Fall River Valley SchoolStateShasta
16772Sep 2015Original Site of Saint Mary's College Site StateSan Francisco
17776Jan 2015Castro Valley Public School SiteStateAlameda
18795May 2014Benicia Seminary SiteStateSolano
19798Mar 2015San Diego State CollegeStateSan Diego
20803Oct 2014First Junior College in CaliforniaOtherFresno
21804May 2014Wolfskill GrantStateSolano
22849Jan 2015Mills HallNoneAlameda
23855Jul 2015Mount Saint Mary's Convent and AcademyStateNevada
24946Jul 2014University of California, BerkeleyStateAlameda