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1149Jul 2014Benson's FerryNoneSan Joaquin
2155May 2015Lone Star MillOtherSan Joaquin
3162Jul 2014Mokelumne City SiteMissingSan Joaquin
4163May 2015Wood's Ferry and Wood's Bridge SiteNoneSan Joaquin
5165Oct 2014Weber PointStateSan Joaquin
6178Oct 2014First Building in Stockton SiteStateSan Joaquin
7214Jul 2014Battle SiteNoneSan Joaquin
8358May 2015WoodbridgeNoneSan Joaquin
9365May 2015Lockeford (Locke's Ford)OtherSan Joaquin
10436Oct 2014New HopeStateSan Joaquin
11437Jul 2014Sailing Launch CometStateSan Joaquin
12513Oct 2014Flaco Burial PlaceStateSan Joaquin
13520May 2015San Joaquin Valley College SiteStateSan Joaquin
14668Jul 2014French CampStateSan Joaquin
15740May 2015CarnegieStateSan Joaquin
16755May 2015Corral HollowNoneSan Joaquin
17765Apr 2017Temple Israel CemeteryStateSan Joaquin
18777Jul 2014San Joaquin City SiteMissingSan Joaquin
19780.7Jul 2014Transcontinental Railroad- Site of Completion of Pacific RailroadMissingSan Joaquin
20801Oct 2014Gridley MomumentOtherSan Joaquin
21931May 2015Lodi ArchStateSan Joaquin
22934.08Oct 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Stockton Assembly Center StateSan Joaquin
23935Oct 2014California Chicory WorksStateSan Joaquin
24995Apr 2017Trail of the John C. Fremont 1844 ExpeditionOtherSan Joaquin
251016Oct 2014Stockton Developmental CenterStateSan Joaquin
261039Jul 2014Sikh TempleNoneSan Joaquin