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1590Nov 2015Lang Southern Pacific StationStateLos Angeles
2730Mar 2016Old Plaza FirehouseStateLos Angeles
3658Jan 2015Western Hotel StateLos Angeles
4235Nov 2015Casa Adobe De San RafaelOtherLos Angeles
5381Apr 2016Old Whaling StationOtherLos Angeles
6363Jul 2015Centinela SpringsStateLos Angeles
7386Sep 2014La Casa de Carrión (Carrion)StateLos Angeles
8384Apr 2016Timms' Point and LandingStateLos Angeles
9373Apr 2016Old Salt LakeOtherLos Angeles
10580Mar 2016Alamitos #1StateLos Angeles
11681Apr 2016Paradox Hybrid Walnut TreeOtherLos Angeles
12172May 2014Pioneer Oil RefineryStateLos Angeles
13874.1Oct 2014Workman CemeteryStateLos Angeles
14963Apr 2016Mojave RoadNoneLos Angeles
15997Apr 2016Tuna Club of AvalonStateLos Angeles
161014Mar 2016Long Beach Marine StadiumStateLos Angeles
171018Apr 2016Manhattan Beach PierStateLos Angeles
18669Dec 2014Governor Stoneman Adobe, Los RoblesStateLos Angeles
19874Oct 2014Workman Home StateLos Angeles
20127Apr 2016Casa De Governor Pio PicoStateLos Angeles
21144Mar 2016Nuestra Señora Reina de los AngelesOtherLos Angeles
22380Apr 2016Site of the Diego Sepúlveda Adobe NoneLos Angeles
23158Mar 2014Mission San Gabriel ArcángelOtherLos Angeles
24147Apr 2016Banning ParkNoneLos Angeles
25152Apr 2016Dominguez Ranch HouseStateLos Angeles
26646Apr 2017Grave of George CaralamboNoneLos Angeles
27911Jul 2015Chatsworth CaleraNoneLos Angeles
28302Dec 2014Old MillOtherLos Angeles
29990Dec 2014Christmas Tree LaneStateLos Angeles
30988Dec 2014Pacific Asia MuseumStateLos Angeles
31912Sep 2014Glendora BougainvilleaStateLos Angeles
32151Dec 2016Campo de CahuengaOtherLos Angeles
33744Mar 2016Mirror BuildingOtherLos Angeles
34161Oct 2014Mission ViejaOtherLos Angeles
35887Dec 2014Pasadena PlayhouseStateLos Angeles
36372Sep 2014Adobe PalomaresMissingLos Angeles
37289Sep 2014First home of Pomona CollegeOtherLos Angeles
38157Mar 2014Mission San Fernando Rey de EspañaOtherLos Angeles
39168May 2014Oak of the Golden DreamStateLos Angeles
40966May 2014Adamson HouseStateLos Angeles
41169Apr 2016Drum BarracksStateLos Angeles
42934.07Apr 2016Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Santa Anita Assembly Center OtherLos Angeles
43939.5May 2015Old Trapper's LodgeStateLos Angeles
44753Nov 2015San Fernando CemeteryStateLos Angeles
45150Nov 2015Brand ParkMissingLos Angeles
46689Nov 2015Los Encinos State Historic ParkOtherLos Angeles
47653Nov 2015The CascadesMissingLos Angeles
48688Nov 2015Lyons Station Stagecoach StopStateLos Angeles
49716Nov 2015Griffith RanchStateLos Angeles
50516.2Nov 2015MentryvilleStateLos Angeles
51637Nov 2015Catalina AdobeOtherLos Angeles
52919Mar 2017St. Francis Dam Disaster SiteStateLos Angeles
53556May 2014Rancho San FranciscoStateLos Angeles
54632Jan 2016Old Short CutNoneLos Angeles
55933Jan 2015Llano Del RioMissingLos Angeles
56664Mar 2016Heritage HouseStateLos Angeles
57160Jan 2015Plummer House, Oldest House in HollywoodOtherLos Angeles
581041Mar 2016Beach Boys Historic LandmarkStateLos Angeles
59536Mar 2016Original building of the University of Southern CaliforniaStateLos Angeles
60567Mar 2016St. Vincent's Place (Court)StateLos Angeles
61789Mar 2016Site of the Los Angeles StarStateLos Angeles
62822Mar 2016First Jewish site in Los AngelesStateLos Angeles
63655Mar 2016Portolá Trail CampsiteStateLos Angeles
64159Mar 2016Pico HouseOtherLos Angeles
65171Mar 2016Merced TheatreOtherLos Angeles
66656Mar 2016Bella Union Hotel siteStateLos Angeles
67362Mar 2016Rómulo Pico AdobeOtherLos Angeles
68170Mar 2016Hancock ParkOtherLos Angeles
69301Mar 2016Lugo AdobeNoneLos Angeles
70554Mar 2016Cecil B. DeMille Studio BarnStateLos Angeles
711011.10Mar 2016Freeman HouseNoneLos Angeles
721011Mar 2016Ennis HouseNoneLos Angeles
73531Mar 2016Lummis HomeOtherLos Angeles
74961Mar 2016Harold Lloyd EstateNoneLos Angeles
75993Mar 2016Watts TowerOtherLos Angeles
761038Mar 2016Hay TreeStateLos Angeles
771046Apr 2016Savannah Memorial ParkStateLos Angeles
78718Mar 2016Site of Initial United States Air MeetStateLos Angeles
79965May 2014Point DumeStateLos Angeles
80881Apr 2016Port of Los Angeles Long WharfStateLos Angeles
81978Mar 2016Rancho Los Cerritos Historic SiteStateLos Angeles
82840Apr 2016Old Santa Monica Forestry StationStateLos Angeles
83522Apr 2016Serra SpringsOtherLos Angeles
84717Sep 2014Angeles National ForestStateLos Angeles
85975Apr 2016El Monte, First Southern California Settlement by Immigrants from the United StatesStateLos Angeles
86871Apr 2016Gamble HouseStateLos Angeles
87947Apr 2016Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional FacilityStateLos Angeles
88385Apr 2016Rio San Gabriel BattlefieldStateLos Angeles
89451Apr 2016Ortega-Vigare AdobeStateLos Angeles
90368Apr 2016Hugo Reid - Baldwin AdobeOtherLos Angeles
91367Apr 2016E.J. Baldwin's Queen Anne CottageStateLos Angeles
92984Apr 2016Casa de Rancho San Antonio (Henry Gage Mansion)StateLos Angeles
93167Apr 2016La Mesa BattlefieldMissingLos Angeles
94156Mar 2016Los Angeles PlazaStateLos Angeles
951021Apr 2016Liberty Hill SiteStateLos Angeles
96960Mar 2016Los Angeles Memorial ColiseumStateLos Angeles
97894Apr 2016SS Catalina OtherLos Angeles
98665Mar 2016Portolá Trail Campsite 2StateLos Angeles
99383Apr 2016Jose Dolores Sepulveda AdobeNoneLos Angeles
100514Sep 2014Pomona Water PowerplantMissingLos Angeles
101145Mar 2016Avila AdobeOtherLos Angeles
102920Feb 2017Casa De San PedroStateLos Angeles
1031006Nov 2015Beale's Cut Stagecoach Pass (Stolen)MissingLos Angeles
104516May 2016Well, CSO 4OtherLos Angeles
105934.04Mar 2017Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Pomona Assembly Center OtherLos Angeles
106972Mar 2016Naval and Marine Corps Reserve CenterStateLos Angeles