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149Sep 2014Adobe Chapel of the Immaculate ConceptionStateSan Diego
2243Jun 2016Asistencia San Antonio de PalaStateSan Diego
350Nov 2016Ballast Point Whaling Station SiteStateSan Diego
4626Mar 2015Bancroft Ranch HouseStateSan Diego
5472Oct 2016Box CanyonStateSan Diego
6647Oct 2016Butterfield Overland Mail RouteStateSan Diego
756Nov 2016Cabrillo Landing SiteStateSan Diego
81045Jul 2016Camp LockettNoneSan Diego
9411Jul 2016Campo Stone StoreStateSan Diego
10482Jun 2016Camp WrightStateSan Diego
11425Apr 2016Cañada de Los Coches RanchoOtherSan Diego
121020Apr 2014Carrillo RanchStateSan Diego
1372Sep 2014Casa de BandiniOtherSan Diego
1474Sep 2014Casa de CarrilloStateSan Diego
1575Sep 2014Casa de Cota SiteNoneSan Diego
1653Sep 2014Casa de EstudilloOtherSan Diego
1760Sep 2014Casa de LopezStateSan Diego
1871Sep 2014Casa de MachadoOtherSan Diego
1970Sep 2014Casa de PedrorenaOtherSan Diego
2073Sep 2014Casa de StewartNoneSan Diego
2166Feb 2015Congress Hall SiteNoneSan Diego
22244Sep 2014Derby DikeStateSan Diego
23784Apr 2014El Camino RealStateSan Diego
2468Sep 2014El Campo SantoStateSan Diego
2564Sep 2014El DesembarcaderoStateSan Diego
26634Oct 2016El Vado (The Anza Trail)StateSan Diego
27491Feb 2015Exchange HotelNoneSan Diego
281031Sep 2014Ferryboat BerkeleyStateSan Diego
29818Feb 2015First Military Flying School In AmericaStateSan Diego
30538Sep 2014First Publicly Owned School BuildingStateSan Diego
3169Nov 2016Fort Guijarros SiteStateSan Diego
3262Nov 2016Fort RosecransStateSan Diego
3355Sep 2014Fort Rosecrans National CemeteryStateSan Diego
3454Apr 2014Fort StocktonStateSan Diego
351044Feb 2015Giant Dipper Roller CoasterNoneSan Diego
36844Apr 2016Hotel Del CoronadoStateSan Diego
37412Jun 2016JulianStateSan Diego
38562Mar 2015La Christianita (La Cristianita)StateSan Diego
3957Sep 2014La Punta de Los MuertosStateSan Diego
40616Mar 2015Las Flores AsistenciaStateSan Diego
41635Oct 2016Los PuertecitosStateSan Diego
4252Mar 2016Mission Dam and FlumeStateSan Diego
43242Feb 2014Mission San Diego de AlcalaStateSan Diego
44239Feb 2014Mission San Luís Rey de FranciaStateSan Diego
45711Feb 2015Montgomery MemorialOtherSan Diego
46452Jun 2016Mule HillStateSan Diego
47502Jun 2016Oak Grove Butterfield Stage StationStateSan Diego
4861Sep 2014Old La PlayaStateSan Diego
4951Sep 2014Old Point Loma LighthouseStateSan Diego
50830Sep 2014Old Town San DiegoStateSan Diego
51639Oct 2016Palm SpringsStateSan Diego
52858Jun 2016Pedro Fages TrailStateSan Diego
53750Oct 2016Peg Leg Smith MonumentStateSan Diego
54940Mar 2015Rancho GuajomeStateSan Diego
55982Apr 2016Rancho Santa FeStateSan Diego
56523Sep 2014San Diego BarracksStateSan Diego
5759Apr 2014San Diego Presidio SiteStateSan Diego
58798Mar 2015San Diego State CollegeStateSan Diego
5963Sep 2014San Diego Viejo PlazaOtherSan Diego
60793Oct 2016San Felipe Valley and Stage StationStateSan Diego
61673Oct 2016San GregorioStateSan Diego
62533Jun 2016San Pasqual BattlefieldStateSan Diego
63785Oct 2016Santa CatarinaStateSan Diego
641026Jul 2016Santa Margarita RanchhouseStateSan Diego
65369Jun 2016Santa Ysabel ChapelStateSan Diego
6667Sep 2014Serra Palm SiteStateSan Diego
67764Feb 2015Sessions Nursery SiteStateSan Diego
68891Sep 2014Spanish LandingStateSan Diego
691030Sep 2014Star of IndiaStateSan Diego
701023Feb 2015Transcontinental Railroad DepotStateSan Diego
711042Sep 2014USS RecruitStateSan Diego
72304Oct 2016Vallecito Stage StationStateSan Diego
73311Jun 2016Warner's RanchStateSan Diego
7465Sep 2014Whaley HouseStateSan Diego