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1242Feb 2014Mission San Diego de AlcalaStateSan Diego
2239Feb 2014Mission San Luís Rey de FranciaStateSan Diego
3200Feb 2014Mission San Juan CapistranoStateOrange
4158Mar 2014Mission San Gabriel ArcángelOtherLos Angeles
5157Mar 2014Mission San Fernando Rey de EspañaOtherLos Angeles
6305Mar 2014Mission Santa InésNoneSanta Barbara
7309Mar 2014Mission Santa BarbaraStateSanta Barbara
8310Mar 2014Mission San BuenaventuraOtherVentura
9340Mar 2014Mission La PurísimaStateSanta Barbara
10326Mar 2014Mission San Miguel ArcángelStateSan Luis Obispo
11233Mar 2014Mission Nuestra Señora de la SoledadStateMonterey
12232Mar 2014Mission San Antonio de PaduaStateMonterey
13325Mar 2014Mission San Luis Obispo de TolosaStateSan Luis Obispo
14135Mar 2014Mission San Carlos Borromeo de CarmeloNoneMonterey
151Mar 2014Old Custom HouseStateMonterey
16195Mar 2014Mission San Juan BautistaOtherSan Benito
17342Mar 2014Mission Santa Cruz SiteStateSanta Cruz
18983Mar 2014Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkStateSanta Cruz
19334Mar 2014Mission San JoseStateAlameda
20338Mar 2014Mission Santa ClaraStateSanta Clara
2159Apr 2014San Diego Presidio SiteStateSan Diego
22784Apr 2014El Camino RealStateSan Diego
2354Apr 2014Fort StocktonStateSan Diego
24597Apr 2014What Cheer HouseNoneSacramento
25603Apr 2014Lady Adams BuildingOtherSacramento
26602Apr 2014Ebner's HotelNoneSacramento
27604Apr 2014Brannan House SiteStateSacramento
28599Apr 2014Crocker GalleryNoneSacramento
29598Apr 2014Stage and Railroad SiteNoneSacramento
3018Apr 2014Petaluma AdobeStateSonoma
3117Apr 2014Blue Wing InnOtherSonoma
323Apr 2014Mission San Francisco SolanoStateSonoma
33784.1Apr 2014El Camino Real - San FranciscoStateSan Francisco
347Apr 2014Bear Flag MonumentOtherSonoma
35739Apr 2014Sebastiani Vineyard and WineryStateSonoma
36220Apr 2014Mission San Rafael ArcángelStateMarin
37316Apr 2014Presidio of SonomaOtherSonoma
38496Apr 2014Swiss HotelStateSonoma
39392Apr 2014Buena Vista WineryStateSonoma
40327Apr 2014Mission San Francisco de Asís (Mission Dolores)OtherSan Francisco
41667Apr 2014Nash AdobeStateSonoma
42501Apr 2014Salvador Vallejo AdobeStateSonoma
431020Apr 2014Carrillo RanchStateSan Diego
44837Apr 2014Old Orange County CourthouseStateOrange
45134Apr 2014Donner Party Memorial State ParkOtherNevada
46397Apr 2014Dutch FlatStatePlacer
47403Apr 2014Emigrant GapStatePlacer
48885Apr 2014Griffith QuarryStatePlacer
49965May 2014Point DumeStateLos Angeles
50966May 2014Adamson HouseStateLos Angeles
51732May 2014Elisha Stevens HomeStateKern
52277May 2014Garcés CircleOtherKern
53382May 2014Colonel Thomas Baker MemorialOtherKern
54690May 2014Alexis Godey HomeStateKern
55129May 2014Fort TejónStateKern
56283May 2014Top Of Grapveine Pass, Where Don Pedro Fages Passed In 1772StateKern
57168May 2014Oak of the Golden DreamStateLos Angeles
58172May 2014Pioneer Oil RefineryStateLos Angeles
59556May 2014Rancho San FranciscoStateLos Angeles
60176May 2014Benicia ArsenalOtherSolano
61879May 2014Cotati Downtown PlazaStateSonoma
62751May 2014Mare Island Commemorative Plaque- First U.S. Naval Station in the PacificStateSolano
63574May 2014State Capitol in VallejoOtherSolano
64835May 2014Cooper's SawmillStateSonoma
65621May 2014Italian Swiss ColonyStateSonoma
66893May 2014Walters Ranch Hop KilnStateSonoma
67981May 2014Icaria-Speranza Utopian CommuneStateSonoma
68692May 2014Hood HouseStateSonoma
69237May 2014Temelec HallStateSonoma
70234May 2014Burbank House and GardenOtherSonoma
71939.2May 2014Medica GardensStateSonoma
72743May 2014Jack London RanchStateSonoma
73627May 2014Union Hotel and Union Hall SiteStateSonoma
74804May 2014Wolfskill GrantStateSolano
75455May 2014Pacheco (Don Fernando) AdobeOtherContra Costa
76731May 2014Old HomesteadStateContra Costa
77880May 2014Fischer-Hanlon HouseStateSolano
78722May 2014Marsh Murder SiteStateContra Costa
79779May 2014Rockville Stone ChapelStateSolano
80534May 2014Peña AdobeStateSolano
81795May 2014Benicia Seminary SiteStateSolano
82174May 2014Benicia Masonic LodgeOtherSolano
83973May 2014Turner/Robertson Shipyard SiteStateSolano
84175May 2014Protestant Church SiteOtherSolano
85862May 2014Saint Paul's Episcopal ChurchStateSolano
86153May 2014State Capitol in BeniciaStateSolano
87177May 2014Benicia Barracks SiteMissingSolano
88356Jun 2014Castro HomeOtherContra Costa
89512Jun 2014Alvarado AdobeOtherContra Costa
901032Jun 2014Richmond Shipyards DistrictNoneContra Costa
91259Jun 2014Vasquez Tree and Site of 21-Mile HouseStateSanta Clara
92853Jun 2014Captain Pedro Fages TrailStateContra Costa
93829Jun 2014Pacheco PassStateMerced
94985.1Jun 2014Camp YoungStateRiverside
95528Jun 2014Yucaipa AdobeStateSan Bernadino
96994Jun 2014Smiley Public LibraryStateSan Bernadino
9743Jun 2014Mill Creek ZanjaMissingSan Bernadino
98948Jun 2014Blythe IntakeMissingRiverside
99992Jun 2014Contractor's General HospitalStateRiverside
100101Jun 2014Giant Desert FiguresMissingRiverside
1011019Jun 2014Kimberly CrestStateSan Bernadino
102620Jun 2014Yucaipa RancheriaStateSan Bernadino
103782Jul 2014CalicoStateSan Bernadino
104892Jul 2014Harvey HouseStateSan Bernadino
105622Jul 2014Harry Wade Exit RouteStateSan Bernadino
106939Jul 2014Possum TrotNoneSan Bernadino
107963.1Jul 2014Camp CadyStateSan Bernadino
108633Jul 2014Folsom PowerhouseStateSacramento
109439Jul 2014Sheldon Grist Mill SiteStateSacramento
110654Jul 2014Site of Jewish Synagogue StateSacramento
111900Jul 2014Nisipowinan Village SiteNoneSacramento
112967Jul 2014California Almond GrowersStateSacramento
1131040Jul 2014First Pacific Coast Salmon CanneryStateYolo
114991Jul 2014State Indian MuseumOtherSacramento
115746Jul 2014Coloma Road - Nimbus DamMissingSacramento
116592Jul 2014New Helvetia CemeteryOtherSacramento
117745Jul 2014Coloma RoadStateSacramento
118591Jul 2014Sutter's LandingStateSacramento
119697Jul 2014Pony Express Five Mile HouseStateSacramento
120464Jul 2014Prairie City SiteStateSacramento
121698Jul 2014Pony Express Fifteen Mile HouseStateSacramento
122719Jul 2014Wilder GraveStateSacramento
123558Jul 2014First Passenger Railroad Terminal StateSacramento
124575Jul 2014SloughhouseStateSacramento
125594Jul 2014China Slough SiteNoneSacramento
126654.1Jul 2014Chevra Kaddisha NoneSacramento
127611Jul 2014Sacramento Bee BuildingNoneSacramento
1281013Jul 2014African American Church SiteSacramento
129613Jul 2014Congregational Church SiteNoneSacramento
130680Jul 2014Murphy's RanchStateSacramento
131780.8Jul 2014Transcontinental Railroad - Western Base of the Sierra NevadaStateSacramento
132612Jul 2014Pioneer Firehouse SiteNoneSacramento
133817Jul 2014Free Library SiteStateSacramento
134869Jul 2014State Capitols SiteStateSacramento
135780.2Jul 2014First Transcontinental Railroad-RocklinStatePlacer
136526Jul 2014First Passenger RailroadStateSacramento
137633.2Jul 2014Folsom Powerhouse Station AStateSacramento
138780.1Jul 2014First Transcontinental Railroad-RosevilleStatePlacer
1391039Jul 2014Sikh TempleNoneSan Joaquin
140780.7Jul 2014Transcontinental Railroad- Site of Completion of Pacific RailroadMissingSan Joaquin
141525Jul 2014Sutter's FortOtherSacramento
142872Jul 2014State Capitol ComplexStateSacramento
143823Jul 2014Governor's MansionStateSacramento
144149Jul 2014Benson's FerryNoneSan Joaquin
145437Jul 2014Sailing Launch CometStateSan Joaquin
146668Jul 2014French CampStateSan Joaquin
147162Jul 2014Mokelumne City SiteMissingSan Joaquin
148241Jul 2014Livermore Memorial MonumentOtherAlameda
149133Jul 2014Sebastian Indian ReservationOtherKern
150300Jul 2014Rose StationOtherKern
151548Jul 2014Canal Farm InnStateMerced
152550Jul 2014Los BanosStateMerced
153916Jul 2014Forestiere Underground GardensStateFresno
154873Jul 2014Fresno IWW Free Speech FightStateFresno
155934.00Jul 2014Temporary Japanese American Detention Camp/Assembly Center -FresnoStateFresno
156206Jul 2014El Adobe de los Robles RanchoStateKings
157270Jul 2014KingstonStateKings
158245Jul 2014Mussel Slough TragedyStateKings
159777Jul 2014San Joaquin City SiteMissingSan Joaquin
160214Jul 2014Battle SiteNoneSan Joaquin
161934.02Jul 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Merced Assembly Center StateMerced
162934.11Jul 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Turlock Assembly Center NoneStanislaus
163418Jul 2014Empire CityOtherStanislaus
164509Jul 2014Moraga AdobeNoneContra Costa
165905Jul 2014Mount DiabloStateContra Costa
1661002.1Jul 2014Giant Powder Company Site - RichmondStateContra Costa
167932Jul 2014Mount Diablo Coal FieldStateContra Costa
16845Jul 2014Site of College of CaliforniaStateAlameda
1691027Jul 2014Pardee HomeOtherAlameda
170986Jul 2014Piedmont WayStateAlameda
171299Jul 2014Camino of Rancho San AntonioOtherAlameda
172946Jul 2014University of California, BerkeleyStateAlameda
173335Jul 2014Shell Mound SiteOtherAlameda
174908Jul 2014Berkeley City ClubStateAlameda
175676Jul 2014Site of Saint Mary's CollegeOtherAlameda
176896Jul 2014First Unitarian Church of OaklandStateAlameda
177884Jul 2014Paramount TheatreStateAlameda
178780.4Aug 2014First Transcontinental Railroad-AuburnStatePlacer
179400Aug 2014VirginiatownStatePlacer
180404Aug 2014AuburnStatePlacer
181463Aug 2014OphirStatePlacer
182780.6Aug 2014Transcontinental Railroad-TruckeeStateNevada
183934.05Aug 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Sacramento Assembly Center OtherSacramento
184780.5Aug 2014First Transcontinental Railroad-ColfaxStatePlacer
185780.3Aug 2014First Transcontinental Railroad-NewcastleStatePlacer
186405Aug 2014Gold RunStatePlacer
187223Aug 2014Putnam's CabinStateInyo
188792Aug 2014Dog TownStateMono
189953Aug 2014Laws Narrow Gauge Railroad StationStateInyo
190230Aug 2014OwensvilleOtherInyo
191341Aug 2014BodieStateMono
192811Aug 2014Bishop Creek BattlegroundStateInyo
193850Aug 2014Manzanar Relocation CenterStateInyo
194208Aug 2014San Francis RanchStateInyo
195349Aug 2014Camp IndependenceOtherInyo
196507Aug 2014Earthquake Victims GraveOtherInyo
197209Aug 2014Bend CityNoneInyo
198229Aug 2014Austin HomeStateInyo
199211Aug 2014Mayfield Canyon BattlegroundNoneInyo
200995.1Aug 2014Trail of the John C. Frémont 1844 Expedition - MonoOtherMono
201847Aug 2014Ventura County CourthouseStateVentura
202115Aug 2014Olivas AdobeStateVentura
203114.1Aug 2014San Buenaventura Mission AqueductNoneVentura
204113Aug 2014Junípero Serra's CrossOtherVentura
205114Aug 2014Old Mission ReservoirOtherVentura
206535Aug 2014Carpinteria and Indian Village of MishopshnowStateSanta Barbara
207958Aug 2014Atascadero Administration BuildingStateSan Luis Obispo
208542Aug 2014Estrella Adobe ChurchStateSan Luis Obispo
209877Aug 2014Chapel of San RamonStateSanta Barbara
210936Aug 2014Rios-Caledonia AdobeStateSan Luis Obispo
211802Aug 2014Ah Louis StoreStateSan Luis Obispo
212364Aug 2014Santa Margarita de Cortona AsistenciaNoneSan Luis Obispo
213720Aug 2014Dallidet AdobeStateSan Luis Obispo
2141033Aug 2014Rancho NipomoStateSan Luis Obispo
2151028Sep 2014Madonna of the TrailOtherSan Bernadino
216289Sep 2014First home of Pomona CollegeOtherLos Angeles
217514Sep 2014Pomona Water PowerplantMissingLos Angeles
218372Sep 2014Adobe PalomaresMissingLos Angeles
219490Sep 2014Cucamonga Rancho WineryOtherSan Bernadino
220360Sep 2014Tapia AdobeStateSan Bernadino
221386Sep 2014La Casa de Carrión (Carrion)StateLos Angeles
222912Sep 2014Glendora BougainvilleaStateLos Angeles
223717Sep 2014Angeles National ForestStateLos Angeles
224830Sep 2014Old Town San DiegoStateSan Diego
22574Sep 2014Casa de CarrilloStateSan Diego
226244Sep 2014Derby DikeStateSan Diego
227538Sep 2014First Publicly Owned School BuildingStateSan Diego
22870Sep 2014Casa de PedrorenaOtherSan Diego
22972Sep 2014Casa de BandiniOtherSan Diego
23065Sep 2014Whaley HouseStateSan Diego
23153Sep 2014Casa de EstudilloOtherSan Diego
23260Sep 2014Casa de LopezStateSan Diego
23373Sep 2014Casa de StewartNoneSan Diego
23468Sep 2014El Campo SantoStateSan Diego
23563Sep 2014San Diego Viejo PlazaOtherSan Diego
23649Sep 2014Adobe Chapel of the Immaculate ConceptionStateSan Diego
23767Sep 2014Serra Palm SiteStateSan Diego
23871Sep 2014Casa de MachadoOtherSan Diego
23975Sep 2014Casa de Cota SiteNoneSan Diego
240891Sep 2014Spanish LandingStateSan Diego
24161Sep 2014Old La PlayaStateSan Diego
24264Sep 2014El DesembarcaderoStateSan Diego
2431031Sep 2014Ferryboat BerkeleyStateSan Diego
2441042Sep 2014USS RecruitStateSan Diego
24551Sep 2014Old Point Loma LighthouseStateSan Diego
24657Sep 2014La Punta de Los MuertosStateSan Diego
24755Sep 2014Fort Rosecrans National CemeteryStateSan Diego
2481030Sep 2014Star of IndiaStateSan Diego
249523Sep 2014San Diego BarracksStateSan Diego
250178Oct 2014First Building in Stockton SiteStateSan Joaquin
251513Oct 2014Flaco Burial PlaceStateSan Joaquin
252935Oct 2014California Chicory WorksStateSan Joaquin
253436Oct 2014New HopeStateSan Joaquin
254934.08Oct 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Stockton Assembly Center StateSan Joaquin
255165Oct 2014Weber PointStateSan Joaquin
256801Oct 2014Gridley MomumentOtherSan Joaquin
2571016Oct 2014Stockton Developmental CenterStateSan Joaquin
258510Oct 2014Francisco Solano Alviso AdobeMissingAlameda
259586Oct 2014Cresta Blanca WineryStateAlameda
260957Oct 2014Wente Brothers WineryStateAlameda
261641Oct 2014Concannon VineyardStateAlameda
262934.03Oct 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Pinedale Assembly Center StateFresno
263934.10Oct 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Tulare Assembly Center NoneTulare
264803Oct 2014First Junior College in CaliforniaOtherFresno
265584Oct 2014Fort MillerNoneFresno
2661047Oct 2014AllensworthStateTulare
267939.1Oct 2014Hula VilleNoneSan Bernadino
268874.1Oct 2014Workman CemeteryStateLos Angeles
269161Oct 2014Mission ViejaOtherLos Angeles
270874Oct 2014Workman Home StateLos Angeles
271577Oct 2014Mormon Trail MonumentOtherSan Bernadino
272578Oct 2014Stoddard-Waite MonumentOtherSan Bernadino
273576Oct 2014Santa Fe and Salt Lake Trail MonumentOtherSan Bernadino
274985.5Oct 2014Camp Clipper OtherSan Bernadino
275781Oct 2014National Old Trails MonumentStateSan Bernadino
276985.6Oct 2014Camp IbisOtherSan Bernadino
277859Oct 2014Von Schmidt State Boundary MonumentStateSan Bernadino
278573Oct 2014Sycamore GroveOtherSan Bernadino
279203Oct 2014Red HillOtherOrange
280354Nov 2014Old Pacific HouseNoneMonterey
2811052Nov 2014Asilomar State Beach and Conference GroundsStateMonterey
282839Nov 2014Chautauqua HallStateMonterey
283712Nov 2014Soberanes AdobeOtherMonterey
284128Nov 2014Landing Place of Sebastian Vizcaino and Fray Junípero SerraOtherMonterey
285136Nov 2014First Theater in CaliforniaOtherMonterey
286180Nov 2014Plaza HotelStateSan Benito
287181Nov 2014Fremont Peak MarkerStateSan Benito
288560Nov 2014Hill Town FerryOtherMonterey
289870Nov 2014Boronda AdobeStateMonterey
290324Nov 2014New Idria MineStateSan Benito
291651Nov 2014Battle of Natividad SiteStateMonterey
292179Nov 2014Castro HouseStateSan Benito
293934.06Nov 2014Temporary Detention Camp for Japanese Americans/Salinas Assembly Center StateMonterey
294307Nov 2014Casa de la GuerraStateSanta Barbara
295887Dec 2014Pasadena PlayhouseStateLos Angeles
296988Dec 2014Pacific Asia MuseumStateLos Angeles
297990Dec 2014Christmas Tree LaneStateLos Angeles
298669Dec 2014Governor Stoneman Adobe, Los RoblesStateLos Angeles
299302Dec 2014Old MillOtherLos Angeles
300907Jan 2015FiloliStateSan Mateo